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I have seen quite a few articles about how to add or import items into a list from a CSV file, but have had a hard time tracking down one to allow me to update an already existing list item based on a unique identifier in the list.  Here is an example I used recently to achieve this with the unique identifier being the employee number

Whilst attempting to make use of the Managed Metadata service application in SharePoint 2013 to make use of the new Managed Navigation features, I ran into an annoying problem where any time that I attempted to make a new group via the browser using the Site Settings Term store management I would get the following error:

The current user has insufficient permissions to perform this operation

I ensured that my user account, the SharePoint Timer service account were all added to the Term Store administrators.

It turns out that the Web Application Pool Service account (in my case sp_site_ap) needs write access to the Term store via the Service Application Permissions:



Once I had given at least Read and Restricted Write access I was then able to update the term store freely.

So whilst in the process of attempting to install the March PU for SharePoint 2013, the SharePoint Technologies Config wizard seemed to be taking a very long time to complete.  So long in fact that it never completed and just seemed to be hung on Step 9 of 10, upgrading SharePoint 2013.

Looking at the pcsdiagnostic logs there were a lot of the following events,  and pretty much nothing else:

SyncUpgradeTimerJob: sleeping for 10 seconds

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