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So we now have the HTML and CSS set for how we want the SharePoint site to look, the next step is to get it as close as is possible to the template in SharePoint, but first of all let’s make sure we have the necessary features in SharePoint enabled to support the Publishing feature.

Browse to the Site collection hosting the site, and ensure that you have the following feature enabled:

SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure

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At Rackspace we have a gym in our office buildings and we also run free classes that Rackers can sign up to.  The original gym site is based on one of the Fab 40 templates (Employee training and scheduling) which ‘kind of’ migrated fine over to our new SharePoint 2010 farm.  However, it is very flaky and even the smallest change to the Workflows broke it.  The gym manager has asked me to create a new site and make it look nicer than the SharePoint defaults.

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